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12 Jul 2021 - 31 Dec 2029
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Promotion valid for all KOINMASTER members member

Promo only applies to PRAGMATIC PLAY slot games

Bonuses will be given after members share proof of winning FREESPIN AND BUYSPIN 






1. This promo is valid for all KOINMASTER members who register with IDR currency

2. This promo is valid for KOINMASTER members and does not participate in any deposit bonus promos

3. This event is valid only to provide PRAGMATIC PLAY SLOT

4. Maximum 1x bonus claim IDR 300,000 per account, 1 day maximum 3x bonus claim, maximum bonus that can be claimed by members per account is IDR 900,000

5. Minimum JP Freespin to claim 20% Bonus is IDR 200,000 and for minimum JP Buyspin 10% Bonus claim is IDR 300,000 after betting



  JP Freespin win IDR 5,000,000 Freespin get a pure IDR 1,800,000 freespin bonus        that goes into the account is IDR 300,000 because once Freespin claims a maximum    of IDR 300,000

6. Reset every day at 12.00

7. After getting JP Freespin or Buyspin members are required to do a SCREENSHOT and stop the game first before the Freespin/Buyspin Bonus enters your Account.

8. Freespin or Buyspin bonus claims can be made via livechat/whatsapp customer service and will be processed a maximum of 1x24 hours after the member posts an  KOINMASTER Facebook Group with #FreespinKOINMASTER or #BuyspinKOINMASTER


9. If there are indications of fraud such as: the same IP address, account name, account number, email, mobile number and IP location, withhold FreeSpin. KOINMASTER reserves the right to withhold the balance, profits and bonuses of the account.

10. Please pay attention to the type of promo provided and the terms of the promo if it violates the bonus will be withdrawn and the winnings will not be paid.

11. KOINMASTER's decision is Absolute and cannot be contested.

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Please read the Terms & Conditions before registering and doing activities on the Koin Master website. Koin Master strives to provide entertainment channels for customers on the positive ways. In support of this goal, Koin Master lays out the basis for protection to guarantee and ensure the game with responsibility.